800px-VarioLF Moscow
Built from 2006-2009
Length 15,100 mm
Width 2,480 mm
Passenger capacity 32 seats
84 standing

Vario LF - (signs are also used Tatra T3R.EVN and Tatra T3RN.EV) - either the tram produced since 2004 jointly by the Czech company as Pragoimex in Prague and a Krnovská opravny strojírny.


Vario LF is the modernization of the Tatra T3 model, produced since the late 60th the 90s The construction of the twentieth century streetcar comes directly from one of the earlier modernization T3 - Tatra T3R.EV.

This is one way, no articulated railcar, with 36% low floor. The amount of low-floor vehicle is 350 mm, whereas in the other - 860 mm)

Differences with T3R.EV is low-floor middle section (which resulted in elongation of 1.1 m around the car to make some low-floor was a reasonable length) and a modern exterior designed by František pelicans.

On the right side is a three double doors. The overall number of seats is 116, including 32 seated and 84 standing. Electrical equipment Europulse TV is mounted on the roof of the tram. Vario LF has four asynchronous motors, each with a capacity of 90 kilowatts.


City Year Type Total
800px-Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Brno 2006-2009 LFR.E 7
800px-Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Olomouc 2006-2008 LF.E 6
800px-Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Ostrava 2005-2008 LFR.E 23
800px-Flag of Russia.svg Moscow 1961-1962 LF 1
Total 38