Grudziądz tramways
GT8 79
Former Krefeld GT8 in Grudziądz.
Locale Grudziądz, Poland
Transit type Tram
Number of lines 1
Began operation 13 june 1896
Operator(s) MZK Grudziądz
System length 18,6 km
Track gauge 1000 mm

Tramways in Grudziądz - tram system in Grudziądz, Poland. Built in XIX century (originally as a horse, then electrified). Currently Grudziądz is the smallest city in Poland with have an active tram network.


Horse TramsEdit

The immediate cause of the opening of the tram network was held from 1885 exhibition "West-Preussische Gewerbe-Ausstellung" (Exhibition of Crafts of West Prussia), which in 1896 was to be held in Grudziadz. January 22, 1896 a meeting of intent, which emerged during the Committee for the Construction of the tram line and informed the daily "Der Gesellige" in No. 18 of 1896. March 9, 1896, two companies: Carl Behn & Co and Anker & Kampmann founded the company "Straßenbahn Graudenz Carl Behn & Co. '. March 27 local authorities signed an agreement with the company Strassenbahn Graudenz C. Behn & Co. ordering the construction and launch of a horse-drawn streetcar line with a length of 3.05 km (from the train station through the streets: stations, Foch, al. January 23, convent, school and Szewska to the Market and on the streets of Long, Starorynkową, Star, and Legion Wybickiego to the garden Tivoli, where he held an exhibition) and support for her six tram cars. The line width of 1000 mm track was opened on June 13, 1896, the day before the opening of the exhibition.

Electric Tramways 1899-1919Edit

In 1897 the company of Grudziądz trams, which owns power plants, was bought by company "Nordische Elektrizitäts-Gesellschaft in Danzig", the aim of which was the electrification of horse tram. A new company "Nordische Elektrizitäts-Gesellschaft in Danzig" and started to work that started with the reconstruction of the plant. At the same time extended the original horse tram route of 0.7 km in the street. Legions to Tarpna. To date, this line is the route to "ones", which, because of course the old city, in most sections of monorail between passing sidings, is considered one of the most picturesque. The official opening of the electric tram took place on May 12, 1899, in fact, electric trams appeared on the route the day before. The route was operated six motor wagons, carts and horse-drawn tram cars were rebuilt to trailers.

In 1900 the city authorities bought out the plant and the tram line. Created the company "Elektrizitätswerk und Städtische Straßenbahn Graudenz", and at all tram cars placed subtitles "Strassenbahn Graudenz Stadt." In 1911, he built and launched a second tram line with a length of 1.6 km. The route ran from the Grain Market (now Al. January 23) through the streets of Torun and Chelmno to the intersection with the street Bydgoszcz. Two years later it was extended by 0.5 km to the intersection with ul. Wiejska.

Electric Tramways 1920-1939Edit

In 23 January 1920, Grudziądz under the Treaty of Versailles was officially taken over by Polish administration. This was also the trams, the new company was named "City Tram, Power and Water." In the first years after the war did not have a tram company's financial and legal independence, and only got independence in 1925, remaining in the structure of City Works.

In 1929, extended by 0.35 km track in the street. Chelmno to the newly opened shooting range. A year before the outbreak of World War II, the line was extended by 2.2 km to the street. South, reaching a length of 4.65 km, whereas the length of each line was 8.4 km. With this expansion has been Grudziądz connection with the popular swimming lake Rudnickie Wielkie (route from shooting to swimming was used only in summer).

Electric Tramways 1940-1974Edit

During World War II streetcars was operated by the company "Verkehrsbetriebe" survived without major changes. January 23, 1945, in connection with the approaching front, stopped exchange trams. During the siege and battle the city was severely damaged. Trams also suffered: it was not current, contact system was broken, track and rolling stock damaged. After performing the necessary work (repair of traction and rolling stock) November 20, 1945 restored the exchange rate "ones", and 3 months later - February 16, 1946 restored the traffic on the line No. 2 Then the tram company was part of the Plant City, and since 1951 in the Town Municipal Management Enterprises. In 1954 he formed Public Transport in Grudziadz tram and bus operators. During this time the entire fleet have been repainted to the unified color (a creamy red).

Electric Tramways 1975-1995Edit

July 21, 1978 was completed in a communal one-track route to a nun. A new section was as long as 1.9 km, and helped in the construction of such a socially Foundry workers Pomeranian and enamel from the plant No. 2 in dandelion and Agricultural Machine Factory "Union". After a year of operation, the segment was excluded from the movement. The reason was that the track was located directly on the uncured ground, causing the derailment of vehicles.

The fall of 1980 to Grudziadz new trains has been given a 805Na, because since 1979, began to include reconstruction of single-track sections in the center of the two-pronged. With the introduction of new rolling stock to operate the loop was built at. South of Tarpnie, triangle maneuvering at the junction of Królewska and Dworcowa street's and track haulage for the depot. The last track modernization took place in 1993.

On the night 8 to 9 December 1988, his last course ended the night tram lines 1N and 2N. The next night on the tour buses started at slightly different routes.

The fire in the depotEdit

The most tragic event in more than a century of history of Grudziądz's trams' was a fire in tram depot which took place on 5 September 1993, at 5 o'clock in the morning. His reason was probably short-circuit wiring. As a result of the fire has been burning 11 cars or more than one third owned rolling stock and technical wagon. Trams for several days disappeared from the streets of the city. Even in 1993 it was decided to rebuild the facility and purchasing new rolling stock. This allowed for a complete renewal of infrastructure depot. In addition, the city enriched with 6 new coaches 805Nb who drove a year ago in Warsaw as 105Nb, but because of their high failure rates have been returned to the manufacturer. The ceremonial opening of the depot was rebuilt in the August 4, 1994.

Electric trams after 1996Edit

By 1996 Grudziądz's trams' was not developed, except for construction in 1951, tracks on Włodka street, exploded in the late sixties and built in 1978 to extend Line 2 from the street. South to the nun (courses trams on this section was suspended after just one year). All work was limited to the necessary repairs and upgrades. It was not until December 7, 1996 was put into operation long monorail extension of 1.8 km from South to loop the loop at the newly built housing estate rule. Around August 22, 1997 transferred to the second track on this section.

December 1, 2005 was suspended foreign exchange line 1, explaining that financial considerations. After a six-month break, June 1, 2006 "Single" returned to the streets of Grudziadz. In April 2011 with the distribution of all ones disappeared courses on weekends, and from August 13, 2011 line 1 has been suspended completely (only in October 2011, due to the renovation of the Chełmińska street, the line was restored shortly).

Tram linesEdit

Currently, MZK Grudziądz manages one tram line, and this is the No. 2 line (line 1 does not operate from 13 August 2011):

Line Route
2 Rządz - Konstytucji 3 Maja / Łęgi - Południowa / Real - Chełmińska / Południowa - Chełmińska / Zachodnia - Chełmińska / Kraszewskiego - Chełmińska / Jackowskiego - Chełmińska / Wiejska - Chełmińska / Bydgoska - Chełmińska / Piaskowa - Chełmińska / Włodka - Al. 23 Stycznia - Rynek Główny - Wybickiego - Legionów / Szkoła - Legionów / Armii Krajowej - Legionów / Poliklinika - Tarpno

Driving time for the whole journey by tram line 2 is 27 minutes (one way), but on weekdays, cars run every 8 minutes (in hours "peak" of communication, off-peak and on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays - respectively less). since 1988 in the night trams in Grudziadz not run.

Tram parkEdit

Konstal 2N2Edit

The only representative of a series of N in Grudziadz bearing the number 36th Came to town shortly after the fire depot in 1993. In 14 October MZK Bydgoszcz gave free carrier grudziądzkiemu 2N2 wagon type that was produced in 1956, and received a box from the wagon Konstal 5N1. The vehicle serves as a technical coach, but also in winter with snow plows fitted to the plow.

Konstal 805Na/805NbEdit

Konstal 46 Gdz

Tram 805Na at Focha street

The most trams in operation are 805Na and 805Nb. From 1980 to 1988 came to Grudziądz 805Na 25 wagons, and their numbering began with # 37 ending at the 62 Unfortunately, the depot fire in 1993 caused the depletion of the rolling stock as much as 11 cars. That same year, to Grudziadz 805Nb wagons began to arrive, attracted their 6 and labeled them the numbers 63-68. After the reconstruction of the wagon 44 he came to Grudziądz as 69, but in 2001 it was sold to Lodz. Theoretically, there was no wagon Grudziadz 70, was only the box for the 805-tuple that is sold for Torun.

In December 2009, announced a tender for the refurbishment of six wagons 805Na type, which reported a 5 companies: Modertrans, FPS, Protram, MPK Łódź, ZNTK Mińsk Mazowiecki and PESA. She won the latter, valuing the modernization of the nearly 6.4 million zł. April 23, 2010 an agreement was signed and the project was presented to the modified car. The first three cars were shipped in April (37, 43, 55), and another 2 (58 and 41) went in June. The last wagon designed to modernize (59, previously designated as 49) went to Mińsk Mazowiecki in late August with the return of the first modernized train. A few days later he was joined by a second car - Attach. Both cars were given new numbers: 89 and 90 The first course, 15 September, was linked to the formal dedication of wagons to be used (although still unprepared platforms on the route al. January 23 - unit). The second part of January 2011, two months late, returned to town the next two coaches who received consecutive numbers: 91 and 92. Unfortunately, it turned out that one of the cars sent earlier is not suitable for further use in its place was sent on 47th wagon The second part of his debut line was 11 February and was interrupted traffic accident and tram stops. In the second half of March came the fifth wagon bearing the number 93, and the last with the number 94 came to town in mid-April, ending the first phase of "Modernisation of the tram network."

Düwag GT6/GT8Edit

Rynek Grudziadz tram

Tram GT8 at line No.2

The first two GT6's came from Mannheim in 1997 and received numbers 71 and 72 In 1998 and 2000 came to Grudziądz wagons rolling another 4 GT6 (73-76) as well as two wagons GT6ZR (bidirectional) (77 and 78). They arrived in Würzburg, and the cars were different from the first two, because they were produced by factories and MAN. 73 Wagon pojeździł not too long after Grudziądz mounted, since already in 2002 has become a donor part, and in May 2010 has been scrapped. In June 2010 wagon deleted from the directory 76, which in February the same year he participated in quite a serious collision with the wagon 46th Polish wagon back to work, but the German car was not so lucky. It was impossible to save him and he was sold to the company Marvena Zar, where he is to serve as an advertisement transport capacity of the company.

In December 2007 it was decided to buy 12 streetcars Düwag GT4. They had come from 1959 (after an extensive renovation in 1995). To purchase has not been in January 2010 it was decided to buy 10 cars Düwag GT8 from Krefeld. 2 of 10 wagons were not yet adapted to the Polish regulations, the next (85) is a wagon training for engine drivers, and the remaining seven successive Grudziądz appears on track.

August 2010 is the beginning of the end of trams Düwag GT6 in Grudziądz. After the second call for tenders for the sale of German cars, the MZK received two offers. Favorable to them was the offer of Suburban Tram from Lodz, which provided 40 000 PLN for one car. The agreement was signed in late July, and all six cars were sent to Lodz. Wagons leave Grudziądz successively from the beginning of September carriages 71 and 72, at the beginning of October 74 and 77, in mid-November 75th wagon On the night of 17/18.12.2010, Grudziądz left the last wagon bearing the number 78th GT6

In active service are currently use 8 trams. Wagon 82 will get in the near future new colours (similar to those of the cars GT6), and the wagon 84 so far has not been any modifications since the time of delivery to the city. In three trams of this type was included monitoring - 79, 80 and 83, eventually it has to be in every car. Template:Trams in Poland