Minsk trams
GT8D tram
Locale Minsk, Belarus
Transit type Tram
Number of lines 9
Operator(s) FMC Minsktrans
Track gauge 1,435 mm
Route map

Minsk tram map

Minsk tramway - the system of electric trams in the city of Minsk, opened Oct. 13, 1929. At various times in the system of production plants operated cars Tatra, PTMZ, EEO, as well as German cars GT8D and cars manufactured in Belarus: AKSM-743, AKSM-843 and AKSM-60102.


At the time of opening of the system consisted of two routes:

  • "Freight Station - Komarovka" (13 stops - 9 permanent and 4 on demand)
  • "Station - Liberty Square" (3 stops, 2 of them permanent),

at which used cars KM Mytishchi production plant. Issue was 5 cars. Already in the first year of the tram was transported 11 million passengers, and in 1932 this number had doubled. In 1933 the barn was now 43 car [2].

Most of the rolling stock at the time of gaining independence of Belarus amounted cars production EEO (Latvia) and Tatra (Czech Republic). In Minsk at that time were 10 tram routes.