800px-T3DC Oboronnaya
Number built 287
Built from 1993-1995
Length 14,000 mm
Width 2,500 mm
Height 3,050 mm

Tatra T3DC - deep modernization of tram Tatra T3.

Resistance-contactor control system is replaced by tristorno-pulsed, vosmirychazhnye pantographs were replaced by polupantografy Electric. The second car of a train not equipped with cab, so that freed up more space for passengers. Each car is equipped with a rear shunting control, the second car is equipped with a remote control shunting on-site cabins. Cars with a cabin designated index T3DC1, beskabinnye-T3DC2.

All functions are controlled on-board computer. Cars equipped with electronic marshrutoukazatelyami, which also controlled by computer. In cars fitted thermal guns, temperature falls computer will automatically turn on heat gun. Wagon can move on autopilot. The driver asked how long it should stay, where to open the door and how fast to go, but your computer already has the car itself. It can be programmed to avtovedenie from the cockpit and with a normal PC (for which the car has outputs for connection).

Folding doors (except the first on the head coach), move away from the car at the opening of 50 sanitimetrov, closed almost hermetically. On the wings are installed hollow elastics with air. While pressing the passenger doors of the computer will automatically open the door.