800px-Ostrava, Tatra T1 (4) cropped
Number built 287
Built from 1952-1958
Length 14,500 mm
Width 2,400 mm
Height 3,050 mm
Maximum power 160 kW
Passenger capacity 26 seats
69 standing
Manufacturer ČKD Tatra

Tatra T1 tram sign atach produced in 1952 to 1958 plants ČKD in Prague in Czechoslovakia. During the Czechoslovakia. During the six-year production period six-year production period produced 287 trams of the production produced 287 trams of this type. This is the first model of tram Tatra cars.


T1 is a one-way construction railcar equipped with three doors, and collector current pałąkowego type(in atach 60 exchanged for pantograph). The concept comes from the U.S. construction specifications PCC. Inside, instead of the seats were placed inside instead of the oblong wooden seats were placed oblong wooden benches. On the front of the car was placed a single reflector, and the shared glass front, over an array of directional assembled a red five-star. A car is sometimes called the iron (žehlička).


City Year Number
450px-Flag of Slovakia.svg Košice 1956-1958 11
800px-Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Most 1957-1958 34
800px-Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Olomouc 1957-1958 10
800px-Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Ostrava 1955-1957 44
800px-Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Plzeň 1955-1957 33
800px-Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Prague 1952-1956 133
800px-Flag of Russia.svg Rostov-on-Don 1957 20
800px-Flag of Poland.svg Warsaw 1955 2
Total 287

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