Tatra KT8D5
Length 31240 mm
Width 2480 mm
Height 3550 mm
Passenger capacity 54 seats
177 standing
Manufacturer ČKD Tatra

Tatra KT8D5 - is a type of articulated trams, manufactured by CKD Praha firm between 1986 and 1993 (prototypes already 1984). This is a large tram car, which is suitable for operation on rychlodráhách. Total 199 pieces were produced, most of them were intended for the Czech and Slovak transport companies. Transport fans between them called the "duck" or "ducks."

Historical background Production of trams to transport Czechoslovak enterprises in CKD was completed in 1977 (standard Tatra T3 and articulated K2), it was envisaged as a new generation of tram projects. [2] However, there are produced abroad for T3 (especially for the Soviet Union) in production in the second half of the 70 years has emerged a new model of Tatra KT4 and T5C5, which were intended solely for export. The basis for the new tram carrier of Czechoslovakia was to become articulated, two-way streetcar, from which should be derived from other types.

The parameters for this powerful vehicle for the Administration of Transport commissioned in mid 1981, the tram KT8D5 project was approved in September 1982. Two prototypes were produced in 1984, 1986, was made desetikusová test series, serial production was started up in 1989th.


Tatra KT8D5 is bidirectional tram car, all eight axle locomotives. The vehicle consists of three articles, which are joined together by joints and bellows pseudonyms. Both internal chassis is located in the space below the joints, middle tram is not carried, but is perched right on the chassis. Skeleton tram is welded from steel profiles, from the outside is flashing, the interior is covered with dřevovláknitými plates. Floor (900 mm rails, the joint space is slightly rises to a height of 970 mm) [4] is made of waterproof plywood, which is covered with non-slip rubber covering. On each side of the car is five pairs of folding doors, extreme are three wings, the other wing. Leatherette seats are located in the interior system of 2 +1, in front of the outer cells 2 +2. Space for buggies is located in central article. For heating the interior is mainly used for waste heat from braking resistors, which are located on the roof. Cab are positioned at both ends of the vehicle, but only one of them is the earthing, fuses and circuit breakers [2]. Streetcar is characteristic of so-called cube - cube over an entire vehicle, which is placed the number of lines (except KT8D5SU.

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