TMK 2100
Tip 2100
TMK 2100 in Šubićeva Street, Zagreb
Manufacturer Končar
TŽV Gredelj
Entered service 1994
Number built 16
Operator ZET Zagreb
Train length 27 300 mm
Width 2200 mm
Floor height 900 mm
Doors 5
Maximum speed 58 km/h
AAR wheel arrangement Bo’-2’2’-2’2’-Bo’
Gauge 1000 mm

TMK 2100 - is a tramcar vehicle produced by Croatian companies Končar and TŽV Gredelj, between 1994 and 2003. The prototype was made in 1994, and serial production began in 1997. 16 trams have been ordered and delivered for the City of Zagreb.

Construction of steel frame, brake equipment, motor cooling, steel construction of control desk and other auxiliary devices for 16 tram sets, were produced by the TŽV Gredelj (Rolling Stock Factory).