Sarajevo tram
Sarajevo tram
Locale Template:Flagicon Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Transit type Tram
Number of lines 1 (7 routes)
Began operation 1885 (horse tram)
n/a (electric tram)
Operator(s) JKP GRAS Sarajevo
Number of vehicles around 90
System length Template:Convert
Track gauge 1,435 mm

Sarajevo tram system - tram system in Sarajevo. He was built in 1885. Sarajevo trams are one of the oldest in Europe. Today system has got 7 lines.It is 10.7 kilometers long, being an east-west link from the city centre district (Baščaršija) to the suburb Ilidža. Trams in Sarajevo are operating by JKP GRAS Sarajevo.


The first line of horse tram was opened in 1884. In 1890 was opened normal, electric tram. After II war Sarajevo bought trams Tatra K2 (they made in ČKD), and next trams Tatra KT8D5 and KT8D5SU from Košice. Tram lines suffered greatly durring the war in 90 years. Today the newest trams in Sarajevo were trams Satra II and Satra III.

Exploated tramsEdit

Tram linesEdit

File:Sarajevo tram map.jpg
  • Line 1: Željeznička stanica – Baščaršija
  • Line 2: Čengić Vila – Baščaršija
  • Line 3: Ilidža – Baščaršija
  • Line 4: Ilidža – Željeznička stanica
  • Line 5: Nedžarići – Baščaršija
  • Line 6: Ilidža – Skenderija
  • Line 7: Nedžarići – Skenderija