Number built
Built from 1956–1965
Length 19.100 mm
Width 2.350 mm
Height  ? mm
Maximum power
Passenger capacity 44 seats
68 standing
Manufacturer DUEWAG

The tram-articulated cars of the type of GT6 Duesseldorf Rhein train are a type of unit car Duewag. The acronym stands for "joint railcars with 6 axles.


The first railcar of the type on 10 February 1956 by the then Düwag the Rheinische Bahn AG company delivered and received there the establishment number 2,501th A total of 95 pieces in several series of this type were delivered to the Rhine railway, it was purely of facility vehicles. From 1960 the car came in with four-axis Großraumbeiwagen trainset used. After setting the Neuss tram in 1971 and three bi-directional three identical cars were taken from there, the latter were converted in Düsseldorf also setting up car.

In 1957 the railcars in 2310 received an additional center section and two additional axes, and thus became the prototype of the type GT8. The middle section was implemented in 1969 on the already delivered as GT8 railcars 2551st

The GT6 was used on all Düsseldorf tram tracks, they were also found on the long-haul lines K and M to Meerbusch. After the closure of the slope line to Gerresheim for trains with Solenoidbremse was the route of the GT6 will only be used with one train as additional staff. Station wagons were in the depots Derendorf, Heerdt, Sky Spirit (now "Am Steinberg"), and Wersten Lierenfeld.

The last car was on 24 Retired in January 2003, after following the euro changeover even got ticket machines. Many cars were retired in Düsseldorf in the 1990s and 2000s a new home in the networks of Szczecin and Poznan in Poland and in the tram Timisoara in Romania. In Szczecin have now been all but phased out this type railcars.

Received vehiclesEdit

In Düsseldorf, the following will GT6:

  • 2501 (the first GT6, Museum railcar)
  • 2432 (the 100th car of the joint Rheinbahn, currently in salvage Museum railcar)
  • 2701 (formerly conversion Neuss Tw 38, Museum railcar)
  • 5105 (rebuilt in 2520 with former Tw spring-loaded brake, Fahrschultriebwagen)

Outside of Düsseldorf exist the following vehicles Museum:

  • 2304 (since 1995 in Hannover Tramway Museum)
  • 2401 (since 2004 in the Danish Tram Museum Skjoldenæsholm parked)
  • 2410 (since 2003 in the Danish Tram Museum Skjoldenæsholm parked)
  • 2412 (since 2002 in the Danish Tram Museum Skjoldenæsholm, operational)
  • 2515 (since 2004 in the "station Mooskamp" in Dortmund, parked operational)

In addition, several cars in Poznan are in use. run in Szczecin since 31 March 2009 type cars GT6 no longer in regular service.