Combino Plus
Siemes combino bp at moszkva square
Number built
Built from 2006
Length 53 990 mm
Width 2400 mm
Height 3562 mm
Maximum power
Passenger capacity
Manufacturer Siemens AG

'Combino Plus' (Combino Supra) - the type of low-floor trams, marketed in 2006 by Siemens AG as a successor model Combino.


Body Combino Plus [1] is welded together and was made entirely of steel. The reinforced structure is designed to eliminate the emerging cracks in the fastening (Alugripach) boxes in the previous version of the vehicle. Tram is built in a modular technology, which means that its length can be configured depending on the needs of the enterprise. The shortest version is composed of 2 segments (18 m), the longest of the 8 (72 m). Not used in the segments, however, without support in a wheelchair. Nieskrętny chassis is in every module. In order to maintain adequate capacity to turn the vehicle, extended folding joints. Power is the vehicle by receiving a current through the overhead pantograph catenary. Combino Plus are equipped with asynchronous motors with a capacity of 100 kW. Are powered by AC voltage equal to 380 V. The vehicle is equipped with a jaw spring brakes, disc brakes, and electromagnetic rail.

Combino SupraEdit

As Combino Supra NF12B identified tram is designed for the Hungarian communications company in Budapest, BKV (Budapesti Közlekedési Zrt.). [2] Order of 40 low-floor trams have been made in 2003 but due to problems of the German concern with the previous model Combino decided to propose a change in conditions tender. Combino Supra is a vehicle consisting of six members, and total length of up to 54 meters. This is now the world's longest tram. Supply of wagons for the Hungarian capital, ended on 4 May 2007. Most of them operates on lines 4 and 6, whose paths have already been specially upgraded. Trams for Budapest with a width of 2.4 m boxes have the total number of seats for 352 passengers including 64 in the seating. All are equipped with air conditioning for the cab motorniczego. Considering the installation of chillers for the whole of the passenger compartment.

Almada, LisbonEdit

In 2002, the company with the Portuguese Lisbon - Metro Transportes Sul de Tejo (MST) ordered 24 pieces 5 articulated trams. Combino [3]. Due to the withdrawal from the production of its predecessor, as well as in Budapest decided to purchase Combino Plus made entirely of steel instead of aluminum. Completion is scheduled for delivery in 2007. Vehicles for Lisbon to 36 m long, 2.65 wide body to me are able to carry 232 passengers. Currently, one of the trams was loaned for testing purposes to Australia in Melbourne. Number C008 wagon rides on Line 16


In order to disseminate a new model, Siemens has prepared an offer to buy Combino Plus for Canadian cities [4] [5]. Proposed for Toronto cars have 3 units, the total length of 28 m width of boxes equal to 2.5 m. They are able to accommodate 183 passengers.

Combino Supra 2036 in Budapest